You cannot grow a Population and punish Investors at the same time!


May I urge you to sit up and take note, serious note


Never before in our lifetime has so many sound fundamentals been in place all at the same time making investment in selected residential property such a sound investment choice over 7 – 10 years


BUT, I cannot fathom why the Victorian Government (with the largest population growth) and the Banks in general are placing crappy hurdles in our way ?!?!!

How on earth can you deliberately grow a population across the whole of Australia and primarily in capital cities whilst making it more difficult for investors to give new arrivals a roof over their heads?  Not all immigrants and interstate migrants can afford to buy where they want to live!  This is evident in very low and dropping rental vacancies across the whole of the eastern seaboard

Designing how to attract the Popular Vote by penalising the very citizens who ‘have’ and who continue to ensure our economy prospers; whilst appealing to the ‘have nots’ implementing the Tall Poppy Syndrome defense is by result Inflationary in the very hands of the ‘have nots’ who will be voting for you.  It is so well disguised, they don’t even see it coming!

So growing a population by design, then penalising the very people who put their hands up to provide rental accommodation to your new citizens is highly inflationary. Why you may ask?

  • Stamp duty in Victoria set to rise significantly on off the plan purchases
  • Banks making it more difficult to get finance and the big 4 now penalising investors
  • Developers finding it more difficult and expensive to get finance to build
  • A looming shortage of supply on the back of a growing demand only causes prices to rise
  • If developers cannot develop or even have funds to subdivide estates they own, they will not develop or subdivide
  • This will place increased upward pressure on supply again
  • Upward pressure on supply always forces prices upwards
  • A rise in costs and a rise in land values will be passed onto Renters who in turn will have to pay higher rents in order to secure a roof over their heads
  • The ‘have nots’ will as a result be forced into a position and have less, this is inflationary


As stated : This is inflationary and people like Daniel Andrews who are only focused on the short term saying the “populist” thing to get re-elected using the typical Tall Poppy Syndrome telling the have nots how he is going to be punitive on those who do have … the have nots will only pay more and further widen the gap between the wealthy and the poor

Our advice, get in today!  Secure an astute investment whilst the new stamp duty increases are not in effect and whilst the banks are still lending the way they are. Keep in mind not all property lends itself to being a good investment. Make an informed decision upfront as your choice today will have impact on the life of your investment and your ability to build a portfolio and your own prosperity for yourselves and your next generations


We help you our client :

  • Match a selection of astute properties to your goals and requirements
    • Whilst giving you industry reports and information so you can undertake your own due diligence and come to your informed decision
  • Introduce you to Finance Brokers who will work with you providing you ‘best fit’ loans
  • Introduction to solicitors to review contracts and settle the property
  • Introduction to Rental Manager qualified to professionally manage your investment on your behalf
  • Other introductions include : accountants, tax advisors, financial planners, land lord insurance providers and tax depreciation reports etc


Meaning a One Stop Professional Service holding your hand today and well into the future ensuring your upfront decision is qualified and that the investment / asset you have secured is giving you the ‘best chance’ of improving your financial destiny for you and your family


NB : Changes to Stamp Duty concessions will affect you, act before end June 2015 !

read impacting changes here

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