Why our clients love properT network

After all these years, people who know me still ask “what is it that you actually do and what is your title?”

A good question and very challenging to to put myself into a Career Title but here goes …

For want of a better Title how about referring to me as an “Acquisition Adviser and Property/Investment Mindset Mentor.”

With more property investors actively seeking help in finding
quality investment grade property and in making informed investment
decisions my role as your Acquisition Adviser and Mentor is all
encompassing wide and varied, whilst tailored to your own purpose and
investment goals.

We are well informed strategic partners to both yourself and
to property providers across Australia to save you time, stress and

Work with us as your acquisition Advisers and Property
Mentors to do what is right by you. properT network is an emerging trend
in this space, especially as you the investor becomes more educated,
sophisticated and have the need to match the investment vehicle to your
own goals and preferred outcomes but lack the essential (or some of the
essential) information, how the numbers work, the fundamentals and of
course which property ‘best fits’ your requirements and why

Where you have limitations we offer value through our
strengths such as having over a decade successfully mentoring our
clients on their journey towards their own financial independence, being
avid writers writing about wealth creation and blogs around property
and investment strategies, having years of actual market experience,
24/7 market research, industry contacts, understanding how the numbers
which underpin your investment work for you and more.

Working with you to allow you to make a smarter choice and
taking the guesswork out of where a better return on your investment
could be.

Getting the investment decision right at the outset will
affect the compounded effects of your investment over the next 7 to 10
years or over the life of the investment property in your hands. If this
outcome could be $300k or $500k more in your hands, wouldn’t you prefer
to be armed adequately enough upfront before you make this all
important decision?

Getting this decision right at the outset will also allow you
to secure your next and next investment property that much sooner … how
much more wealth you stand a chance of accumulating when you get the
decision right compared to how much less (for the exact same monies
invested) you will have when you get it wrong by listening to the wrong

This is where properT network lends you our learned
experience, honed skills and market knowledge and strengths and thus
work with you to take a more holistic approach to building your
Investment Property Portfolio that much more efficiently for a vastly
improved outcome over going it alone and getting it even partly wrong.

We sit in a niche segment and share specific advice on mitigating investment risk whilst maximising investment returns for you.

Astute investors these days actively seek out assistance from
their financial planner, mortgage broker, a buyers agent or accountant
who may not have the skills, understanding, experience and strength that
an Acquisition Adviser and Property Mentor has; they may present as
your go to professional but will give you advice based on their (lack
of) experience.

So you need to ask yourself “to whom would you rather listen to and take advice from?”  who can you get to know, like and trust then go with that person who you know has your best interests at heart.