Wealth Accumulator – $225k into $5.7million in 12 years


Wealth Accelerator


 Double your Initial Investment every 3 years

Join us at our Information Evening and decide for yourself if this Investment Vehicle makes financial sense and if the opportunity presented will work for you in Securing and Creating your Wealth through property investment.

What will be shared on the night :

  • How to turn your Initial $225k investment into $5.7 million in 12 years
  • Explain how to secure a line of credit or loan to come up with $225k
  • What the Opportunity is
  • How to secure your preferred property at Wholesale Value
  • How to secure an 80% loan on your investment at settlement on the full Retail Value
  • Meaning only $20k deposit down on a property valued $675,000 retail and only $560k wholesale
  • If you do not want a property but still want to invest to achieve a 51% return on your investment over 2 years
  • Who are the parties behind the Investment Opportunity
  • How does this investment vehicle fit into your SMSF strategy
  • Why are we only looking for 9 Investors
  • Questions and Answers
  • Submit an Expression of Interest on the night
  • OR go home and tear it apart and if it does not fit with your preferred investment strategy that is OK; on the other hand if it still makes sense to you and you identify with what we have identified and shared with you then you would want to submit your Expression of Interest


We are looking for astute investors who identify with the opportunity and come to an informed decision to use this platform to grow and secure their own wealth. Perhaps this is You?


*All figures quoted are for demonstration purposes only and have the potential to fluctuate due to potential changes in  market conditions and have been factored accordingly


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