the Cost of Emigration …

As an ex South African, I empathise with how emigration has put us all behind the proverbial 8th Ball financially!

The cost of emigration has played havoc with our investment and retirement planning, I have no doubt you would agree?

Not to mention our currency to the Aussie Dollar exchange rate on emigration, Ouch!!

Like you, I had my positive reasons to emigrate and no matter how challenging finances have been in our 11 years of being here … we have never looked back and our whole family love our life in Australia!

If you know of any successful Australian family you will be aware that they own Investment Property. They always have and always will! The purpose of this email is to offer you my services of helping you accelerate your financial planning strategies by Investing in Property.

Property records in Australia only date back 120 years : throughout these 120 years, no matter which period you look at – property has always doubled in value every 7 to 9 years. This includes periods of low interest, high interest, droughts, floods, bad times and good times. Meaning that property is always a strong investment vehicle.

Add to this the fact that investing in property is achieved using pre-tax dollars (ask me how) and that you are using the banks money to Leverage your Investment plus add that your tenants rent that helps you to pay for your Investment. (I wonder if you added this benefit to the value of the property by how much the value of your investment will actually escalate when comparing this to say a stock market investment?)

An example :  utilising a taxable income of around $80,000, investing in a property of $475,000 and an interest rate of 8%, would require less than $200 per week, out of your pocket, to own an asset of close to Half a Million Dollars! This could amount to less than $10,000 pa, invested to own an appreciating asset of $475,000. Outside of leveraging on property, where could you find an investment opportunity such as this?

Are you aware of other medium to long term investment (in the same risk profile) that will give you this type of tax efficient return and security …  oh, and the banks will lend you the money* to help you achieve your financial strategy?

By the way, we can also introduce you to an opportunity of Using Rental Income to pay off your existing Home Loan! How good is that!

Our other area of expertise is walking you through the process of using a Self Managed Super Fund to purchase residential or commercial property. (Please note : If not set up correctly could be an unnecessarily expensive mistake). We will gladly walk you through the correct process and show you how best to Invest in Property within your Self Managed Super Fund. more

Invest in property – “it is the secret those rich people don’t want you to know!” 🙂

Our fee is usually $1750 to provide you with a selection of ‘best fit’ propertunities matching your goals and strategy (reimbursed on successful transaction). A fee I would gladly wave to help you get ahead in your planning.

I would love the opportunity of assisting you to manage and grow your wealth. I assure you of my prompt and personal attention at all times in supporting you grow a Property Investment Portfolio & to help you achieve your own Financial Planning Goals and choice of lifestyle now and into the future.

Contact me to discuss, I know I need to move forward … click here

What is in it for you – Investment Property examples … more

Property Bubble or media frenzy … more

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SElf Managed Super Funds and Investment Property Advantages

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