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Today I was sent an article written on 6 Nov 2018 by property analyst and expert Terry Ryder from Hotspotting

Before I post the article, it certainly backs up what properT network have been forecasting for the past 6 years and we still view Sunshine Coast as a premier location for investment. Enjoy the information shared below AND remember that not all property is Investment Grade … ask us what is recommended!

“A location worthy of investment should include the following fundamentals and Sunshine Coast certainly qualifies : Infrastructure investment and projects, economic drivers, employment opportunity, future jobs growth, population growth, local amenities, public transport, capital growth prospects, rental demand, low vacancy rates, strong rental yields.”


Tim Lawless of CoreLogic wrote on Property Observer recently that roughly half the sub-regions of Australia have rising property prices, including about 40% of capital city sub-regions and 60% of those in regional Australia.

Those numbers paint a starkly different picture to the relentless daily line-up of click-bait headlines telling us that prices are falling across Australia.

Last week I highlighted areas around Melbourne and in regional Victoria near the capital city where prices have risen a lot in the past year and continue to rise strongly. Some of the growth rates are eye-boggling.

In contrast to headlines declaring that Melbourne values are falling by $1000 a week, I’ve found myriad suburbs right across the Melbourne metropolitan area where prices have grown more than 10 percent in the past 12 months and have also had growth in the latest quarter.

The standout sub-market with declining median prices is the top end – the suburbs with million-dollar median prices. Elsewhere, growth markets greatly outnumber those that are in decline, especially in the outer-ring areas.

Here’s another example of current strong growth: the Sunshine Coast.

I’ve just completed a research exercise which included making a list of regional Queensland locations where there’s been double-digit growth in median prices in the past year, plus meaningful growth in the most recent quarter.

Suburbs in the Sunshine Coast region dominate that list.

And I’m happy to say I predicted it. Based on the massive pipeline of infrastructure projects and other big developments, I’ve been shouting about looming growth in this market for the past two years.

When there’s $20 billion being invested in a relatively small regional city, price growth in the residential market is inevitable – provided developers don’t saturate the market with new product. To date, the Sunshine Coast has avoided the Gold Coast’s tendency towards over-supply.

So prices are growing. At a Sydney seminar last week I met a developer who had sold a Maroochydore penthouse for $6 million and an apartment on the floor below for $5.7 million. Those are startling numbers for this location.

Noosa, after a long period of under-achievement, has returned to growth recently. In annual terms, its median house price is up 14 percent, while units are up 12 percent, according to CoreLogic data. Noosaville and Tewantin have both grown 11 percent.

Nearby, Sunshine Beach is up 17 percent and the median house sells for around $1.4 million.

Heading south, Coolum Beach has risen 12 percent and nearby Mount Coolum is up 22 percent.

There is a long list of other Sunshine Coast locales with annual growth above 10 percent.

But the star performer is the upmarket water-based suburb of Minyama, where the median house price has risen 46 percent to $1.31 million, according to CoreLogic figures. Whenever I see a price growth statistic like that, I instantly think “statistical aberration” – usually caused by a small sales sample. But Minyama has recorded 60 sales in the past 12 months so the sample is not a problem. 

I checked other price data sources, which provide estimates of the median house price ranging from $1.25 million to $1.4 million. One records an annual growth rate of 46 percent and another says 49 percent, while a third source says the median price has risen around 8 percent in the past quarter alone. But other sources have more moderate price rates, so go figure.

Overall, it’s a strong picture of growth across this vibrant market.

Why is it so? Because billions are being pumped into this economy, creating thousands of jobs and attracting a strong population growth for lifestyle and employment opportunities. 

The new medical precinct alone has been an enormous catalyst, including the $2 billion University Hospital and the adjoining private hospital, as well as smaller specialist facilities. 

These facilities have brought thousands of new residents to the Sunshine Coast, many of them well-paid and looking for quality homes.

Terry Ryder is the founder of

“Not all property qualifies as an investment opportunity, ask us where.”

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