South East Queensland

Golden Rule of Property Investment

How to choose an Investment Location

Investment and industry expertise will tell you to …

  • Invest where the Government are investing, they want a return on investment
  • Invest where Industry invest, they are encouraged by government to the location and also want a return on investment
  • Both Government and Industry Create thousands of new Jobs
  • New Jobs attract a strong Population Growth
  • Population Growth puts upward pressure on Property Supply
  • This increased demand increases the capital value of property
  • This increased demand places further pressure on supply of Rental Dwellings
  • Rental Yields increase under the pressure of demand
  • Capital Growth plus very low vacancy rates and strong rental yields equates to a sound investment

… your recipe to securing an astute investment

This is occurring in South East Queensland now and well into the future

The “Golden Triangle” from Sunshine Coast in the North, through to Brisbane and onto Gold Coast in the South, then across to Ipswich and back up to Sunshine Coast (including Toowoomba) has the highest investment into infrastructure in the history of Australia. Can you now identify with the investment opportunity here?


Sunshine Coast




Springfield Lakes




Houses, House and Land, Duplex, Dual Living, Townhouses, Units, Apartments

Government and Industry Investment equates to capital growth

Government and Industry Investment equates to capital growth







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