The Rise of the Rentvestor

RentVesting gives us more choice and a better lifestyle

“Rentvesting is an intelligent strategy of getting into the property market today!”

What is Rentvesting?

Should I buy to Live or Rent and Invest? What is better?

Your opportunity to combine the best of both worlds is now a reality!

  • Rent where you want to live in the lifestyle you deserve, and in a property above your purchase ability
  • Whilst getting a foot onto the property ladder at today’s value, by investing in an ‘Investment Grade’ property

Rentvesting is an investment strategy which is turning conventional wisdom onto its head, whilst giving people just like you, an opportunity to get into the residential property market today at today’s property value

Yes owning where you want to live has become expensive, out of your reach and is now unaffordable. This does not mean you have to buy and live further out to meet your affordability

Your Solution “Rent where you want to live, in a dwelling / home you can’t afford to buy … and invest wisely into an astute investment grade property to purposefully improve your own prosperity?”

As a Rentvestor, you position yourself to building your own wealth faster, by growing an investment property portfolio, in securing property which will perform well for you. Take the alternate approach, it is easier than you think. Ask the Gen Y’s they have been doing this for years now

Yes some will debate you as to whether it is better to ‘buy to Own’ or ‘continue to rent’. As a Rentvestor you will combine the best of both worlds! You can choose where you wish to live as a tenant whilst choosing where to invest in order to most efficiently maximise your prosperity now and into the future. Does this make sense, can you identify with this strategy?

Saving for a Deposit?

If you are like most others have found yourself in the same cycle where you are saving for a deposit to buy but into the market but the market keeps shifting away from you and you just cannot get the right deposit together; or the banks will not lend you what you need to borrow to buy where you want to live … become an astute Rentvestor. Get your foot onto the property ladder today at today’s prices and once you build your own investment property portfolio, this will give you improved choice as to where you want to buy to live. At a time in the future, sell off one or two of your investment properties to get you into the owner occupied property market and into your dream house!

Take heed “not all property makes for investment grade property”, work with a property expert or ask us how best to match an investment property to your goals. Invest astutely as the choice you make today will have a compounding effect on the outcome of your investment portfolio. Invest wisely and your compounding return on investment will be significantly higher than choosing ‘that nice to have’ property. Does this make sense?

The numbers which will underpin your investment decision do not lie, if the numbers do not stack up to help you achieve your property goals then walk away from that one. Better still work with an expert who has your interests at heart; experts are well informed and understand the property market whilst sharing with you market reports and information and what works best for you

Hey Babe Rentvesting does make sense

Advantages of Rentvesting summarised :

  • Choice of where you want rent to live
  • Choice of the type of home you want to live in as a tenant
  • Ability to get into the property market but as an investor
  • Opportunity to grow and secure wealth through astute investment
  • Whilst using the banks money through leveraging into your investment property
  • Getting the tax man to help, taking advantage by paying less income tax utilising tax deductions
  • Getting your tenant to help you build your own prosperity so that you can one day buy your dream home

The Total Cost to Me of Buying versus Renting

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