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Are you thinking of selling your home or selling your backyard?

“Why talk to us before you call in your local estate agent?”

Simple, we are specialists in adding value and manufacturing more equity in your property before you sell.

So that you sell for More Dollars!


Tell us about your Property or your Rental Properties and we provide realistic property valuations, and or give you strategies to increase their value then tell you what your property is really worth !

We are an innovative professional practice, who do it differently and  look after your needs and financial gain ensuring you are more profitable when you sell or downsize your home because we can and because we care about you :

  • Sell your home; you need our free “sellers advocacy services” to keep your agent honest
  • Sell your backyard only; talk to us we have buyers
  • Thinking of developing but don’t know where to start or don’t have the finances to develop
  • Thinking of a Renovation to add value to your family home before you sell or remain in the home
  • Want to sell but want to stay in the same area and location where you know your way around and have your own local shops and good friends
  • Need help or advice of what to do next
  • What if we could swap you into a brand new dwelling in your area and give you a capital payout for your home
  • Your Local Estate Agent cannot add value to your property and maximise your selling price, we do!  Ask us how?
    • Relationship focused.
    • Always get the best results.
    • Nothing is too much trouble.
    • We are never too busy to accommodate your needs.
    • You always come first
    • We want you to sell for more money.


In a nutshell we are highly professional, conscientious, put u first type of Agency!


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Sell my Castle


How much is my property worth?  How much equity do I have in my property? I have rental properties, how much are they worth to me?
How can I use my existing property portfolio to work out how much can I borrow?Which Mortgage is the right Mortgage for me?
Tell me about negative gearing? I am looking for Property for Investment? What is investment in Property all about? How much can I borrow?
Where do I get the best loan? What is the value of my property? What mortgage companies should I be talking to? How to buy a property?

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