Working with Referrers

Add Value + Grow your Practice

Are you an Accountant,   Financial Planner,   Mortgage Broker,   Solicitor,   Tax Planner,   Rent Role Manager,   Estate Agent,   Buyers Advocate   or other service industry??

Wanting to add value to what you already do and  generate extra income …

At properT we have an extraordinary service model delivering property solutions to the financial service industry … and guarantee you a business strategy that will increase your turnover with minimal effort!  If you prove us wrong, we will donate what you are worth per hour to your favourite charity on your behalf.

Right now, today one of your clients is securing a propertyin a SMSF or own Title. The question is “Are they making an Informed Decision and doing the right thing by themselves?”

If not it will literally cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost opportunity costs! Which has an indirect impact on your offering and future business with you … when you can circumvent poor property choices by involving yourself from the beginning!

We work closely with a number of referral partnerships and have assisted them in growing their businesses, their own professional networks and to widen their services and offering all whilst adding important value to their clients.

Everyone is talking property, finance, self managed super funds etc; why not join them?

You have clients and prospects that today, possibly right this minute are signing a contract of sale and purchasing a property or registering a Self Managed Super Fund as you read this :

  • Ask youself did you introduce the client to this property and are being thanked by the client with a referral for adding value to what you are already doing?
  • What benefit did you get from your client purchasing elsewhere?
  • What Lost Opportunity Costs have you just incurred because your client has gone elsewhere for this exact service?

If your answers to the above are No and Nothing & Plenty … do you realise that today it is more simple than ever to diversify and generate other streams of income. Hey let’s face it, your clients are going to make this purchase with or without your input!

A referral is the most professional way to grow your own client base and in turn generate more income for yourself … we are sure you would agree?

What can we do for you today to help grow your practice where a win-win-win situation is paramount?

  1. Your client must be completely satisfied with the outcome
  2. You will grow your business and in all likelihood generate referrals into your practice as a result
  3. We will also grow as a company and ensure the cycle of growth and benefits continue for all

Thanking you for your time and we look forward to a mutually beneficial long term partnership arrangement!

Assuring both your clients and yourselves of our prompt and personal attention at all times now and into the fututre.

Yours Sincerely

Stephen Lazar



To get the ball rolling …

Working with You!

Working with You!