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“what has this got to do with properT network or property – the answer is nothing, I am using a web page to communicate with you :-)”

I needed to put this intro together to share a program by a fantastic human I value and have full respect for namely Johann Nogueira.

Johann continues to amaze me with his skills and lovable personality continues to build successful businesses and also working with numerous big brands and only as Johann can do, he has decided to share what he knows and learnt with other business owners.

His unselfish giving nature has resulted in the creation of a beautiful community, which I am proud and thankful to be a part of on my own growth journey ….. and this is why I am sharing it all with you, as we all deserve to grow in everything that we do.

Adopt Business Authorities as your Community

Whether you know me or not, you will get to learn that I thrive on making positive impacts”, a beautiful trait I learnt from Johann over the past 14 years of knowing him and watching him grow whilst taking others along his journey with him.

I have been successful, and also gone through hard times, like most business owner i know. Can you relate to both the highs and lows as well?  

Business Fears and Frustrations

Some of the issues that I have heard of or personally experienced include :

  • What distracts most business owners are the emotions of Fear or Greed. Fear of money, fear of the unknown, fear of investing time and money on and in the business, fear of just so much that it inhibits our true potential and thus our clients potential
  • The frustration with the constantly attracting the wrong type of clients, such a waste of valuable time that could be directed to those more deserving!
  • The fear of growing my business and having to deal with more of the wrong type of clients further exasperating me and my time.
  • Fear of growing the business, having more staff, larger costs and constant headaches. But is this in my mind and not my reality?
  • Not knowing who to collaborate with and who I can trust to grow my business, leaves me isolated and less effective.
  • Continually working hard and not seeing the results I want and deserve because I don’t know what I don’t know or lack courage and commitment.
  • Feeling like I have to do it alone because I know better or can do it better by myself.
  • Doing those tasks that take me away from what I love, due to lack of automation or technology systems which I don’t know enough about.
  • Not earning sufficient client loyalty.
  • Overwhelmed with wide choice and insufficient knowledge or experience as to which platform suits my business best, means sticking with what I have which is not giving me the results I need.
  • Constantly competing against new players in the market who don’t have the same experience or skill sets, and not knowing how to stand out against them.
  • Not seeing the results that I should from the marketing efforts, or not even knowing what marketing efforts I should be avoiding or taking on board to grow my business.

If you can relate to any, or most of these, then you are not alone.

What is the Solution?

Remember, I love and respect Johann and understand his skill sets and have witnessed his growth. I have also benefited from his unselfish sharing and will continue to benefit from it. Johann is also a massive believer in collaboration and that everyone involved must earn a dollar.

Meaning if you choose to see what I am sharing with you as a sales pitch then stop reading right now as this is not for you!

I know you like others will own all the tools you need to accelerate the growth of your business. What would take you years and a lot of dollars to achieve will consolidate it all into a shorter time frame and a lot less dollars. Who would not want this!

If you are still reading then this is for you

There is a team of highly skilled humans behind this program, which will amaze you. It is like owning your own board of directors.

I have attended a most of the events that Johann and his team have put on and picked up so many nuggets and met some amazing people which has helped me in my own growth journey. For those of you who know me know that I thrive on helping others grow! Hence my eagerness to share this community with you now.

I will be in the program as well because I know I will benefit from being given tools and skills I will implement. They will be making sure to keep us all accountable, and will create a group for us to push and support each other. Can you imagine the combined energy! This is incredibly different from most if not all other programs out there and I invite you to be a part of it too. No, I’d value and love that you be a part of an amazing growing community of like minded people wanting to make the world a better place through our ongoing positive impacts we make on other peoples lives we come in contact with or reach out to in business, personal growth, charity, cleaning up the world or what ever rises your own ship.

Why this program

The program has been created for people who have been in business for a few years, who want to do more, get more sales, get better clients, improve their marketing, create email campaigns, get better structure, automate their business or even better get more time with their loved ones and less stress. What ever you want, the course will help you achieve it now and on an ongoing basis. Your success is the courses success!

The program incorporates workshops which they have already successfully and continue to run for some of their bigger clients. Meaning tried and tested and readily available to you and I today. Designed to help businesses like ours achieve so much more and of course in a very shortened realistic time frame than trying to go it alone or buying programs on an ad-hoc basis.

Click this link for you to check it out and learn more (please check out the short video). 

My summary of Johann and his team’s incredible achievements include :  

Business Authorities

They started the business in September 2018 and have hosted over 450 business owners at their 5 events in 2019. They have had some really amazing speakers, some who have created multi-million and even billion dollar companies, unselfishly sharing their knowledge at these events.

They have created a Facebook group that has a strong community that support each other and a few run meetings and have partnered up through mutual collaboration.

I have met great people through BAC and continue to do so; as well as in the process of creating new business possibilities that we are implementing for 2020. They will work!

Johann has a natural ability to get the right type of people to meet each other and actively does so. If you are looking to meet your people, they are probably in this community and probably in the program.

Johann also wrote a book last year with Les Brown, Sir Richard Branson and Brian Tracy.

Johann has 2
digital agencies –

My Alliance (c 2012) – 82 coders and developers that create anything their clients can imagine –

  • mobile apps, facial recognition, ERP, CRM, LMS, AR, VR and SaaS platforms.

This agency is a holistic business growth and has a team of business strategists that help businesses by doing strategy for –

  • marketing campaigns
  • branding including logo creation
  • automation and email marketing

Earthlink Alliance (c 2019) – This business caters to their clients that need –

  • business strategy, automation, mobile apps and platforms (SaaS, ERP, LMS, etc)

Building Interactive (c2015) – My Alliance created an app platform which they cleverly grew into a burgeoning business. The app is used in residential towers, commercial buildings and also MAB is using it in their estate in Merryfield with over 8000 homes.

That app has over 100 functions that can be deployed and is an essential tool now used by developers, body corps and facility management to give residents ease of convenience to services, facilities and access other building users in a safe and controlled space. This business has grown in 4 years to have a valuation of 20 million with Johann and his business partners only working in the business part time. 

In closing …

I know my email may be a little long but I have really grown from meeting Johann and his business partners and continue to discover new opportunities – I have also learnt to love and value money and the power i now have to make many positive impacts in peoples lives through their growth and also in in a financial position where I can now give to those that don’t have supporting charities and worthwhile causes. And so have the others who attend his events. Join our growing community of like minded, caring, helpful and energetic humans 🙂

Click this link for you to check it out and learn more (please check out the short video).