Postively Geared Investment Property

“What if you could accelerate your wealth by owning a Positively Geared property?”

If I can share an opportunity with you and demonstrate how to seize it and you do … I feel great because I have helped another person grow. Your success in building & establishing your personal wealth is our mission and very little else gives us so much pleasure! This is why I do what I do.

Next week a limited number of Positively Geared Property will be released. (*if you are on a taxable income of $60k and above)

A 10% deposit on the value of the property will secure your investment

Give thought to where the 10% deposit will come from and just how little (after tax deductions) this deposit will physically cost you, using equity in your home or a bank guarantee

Less than *$15 per week of your cash flow to fund the deposit!

With 90% of your investment property being paid for by others!

Property doubles in value every 10 years and Rental Income is inflation proof

Where else can an initial investment of say $35k give you immediate benefits of a $350,000 Investment?

On the other hand what could the medium term lost opportunity cost be to you if you choose not to?

Expression of interests are being taken on a first come first served basis, please be mindful that properT is not the only marketing group introducing this opportunity to Investors like you who have been waiting on the ‘right’ property to come along!

These properties are marketed to investors and are Positively Geared thanks to Federal and State Funding who acknowledge the exceptionally high demand for property vs. a drastic undersupply of housing. There is already a waiting list of Tenants for these properties!!

By the way, a parcel was recently released in Victoria which was all snapped up by corporations for their Super Fund portfolios because the figures stack up!

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Note : It pays to be a Property Investor, average rental increases in 2010 were  @ 4.2% and now RP Data predicts that rents across capital cities are set to climb by 7% this year.

Positively Geared Investment Property

Positively Geared Investment Property

* Whether a property is Positively Geared and by how much is determined on your own set of financial circumstances and on the value of the property chosen. We can demonstrate the potential outcome to you on a case by case basis.

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