Pay Days left to Retirement?

This is a massive question you would be wanting to ask yourself, when you understand just how many paydays you have left until you in your heart want to retire and you improve your relationship to and with money … you are on a rudderless ship, with no planned direction sailing where the tides and winds push you – all out of your control; leaving nothing but Lost & Wasted Time behind you!

How many Pay Days do you have left until your Retirement?

FACT : 83% of Australians will not have sufficient Income to retire on and over 85% will still have some form of debt to service !

Think about it : “If you are 35 & you plan to retire @ 65 = then you only have a mere 360 Pay Days left to achieve your goals !!!”

Can you achieve your own Financial Independence in 360 pay does time? Does this scare you?

If you want to retire on say $8,000 pm in today’s money, this means you would require a Lump Sum @ Retirement of $2 Million earning you 5%

Food for Thought : To accumulate $2 Million, you would have to invest $2,500 per month in AFTER TAX dollars over the next 35 years!        Is this even do able ??

Highly unlikely … we are sure you would agree – and your retirement goal of $8k per month remains very Realistic to you !

What if there is a solution? Would you do anything different?

It is so damn easy to stay exactly where we are, easier to be lazy, easier to eat junk foods, easier to lie on the couch watching TV, easier to grab just another drink …. than it is to be fit, healthy, have an active mind and achieve your own goals.

Yes or Yes?

When we own a poor relationship to and with money, this too is just a financially unhealthy and unfit habit because we know when we choose to we can change our thinking and change our beliefs! This is a detailed subject we can discuss another time or your can read more here.

So where to you may be asking, because time is flying by and I am running out of pay days!

It is really simple, when you have a deposit or access to equity in your home, when you can get a loan … then have your tenant and the tax man pay 100% of the property investment for you!

Then make use of the most Powerful Tool (after your brain that is) which is Compounding Interest to give you growth in Equity you will need and achieve.

“If I gave you an Investment Property for Free, would you want one?”

How is that even possible Stephen, you may be asking?

Think about it, if after your initial 10% deposit, the tenant and the tax man are paying all your outgoings and you are in fact getting cash in your pocket each week from this investment then there is nothing coming out of your pocket when you are cash flow positive is there?

C’mon, really how does it work?

Dual Key House and Land

Mathematics and numbers do no lie you will agree. So if you are earning an income and paying income tax and can get say a 90% loan and have a 10% deposit … the numbers could look like this :

Your Return on Investment could look like this :

Seriously; where else could you invest in something with as low as risk profile property historically offers and get a return on your own investment such as the above

You now have the tool, you have the Tax Man, you have the power of Leveraging into your investment, you will have a Tenant + the incredible power of Compounding Growth = all contributing towards adding further financial security and increased financial freedom into your life!

Remain committed to your bullshit!


All that is required is you being committed to yourself, to your family and to improving your relationship to and with money.

Mark Bouris

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