Overseas / Offshore Buyers & Investors

…  you can buy property in Australia

Good news! Yes you can purchase property in Australia, even as an offshore resident or national of any other country … subject to certain criteria.

Why Invest in property in Australia :

  • Invest in an emerging economy
  • Australian economy continues to produce positive gains
  • Australian Dollar is a sound currency
  • There is a strong Population Growth now and well into the future
  • Causing a very high demand
  • On an already low supply base
  • Creating Capital Gains
  • Increasing Rental Returns for you
  • Diversify your current investment portfolio
  • Hedge against your own currency
  • Secure a growing asset in another country, Australia is viewed as the lucky country attracting thousands if immigrants to our shores all needing a roof over their heads
  • If you or someone in your family is intending on coming to live in Australia, this is your opporutnity to buy a property at todays price so you are already in the market before you arrive.


There is work to be done in order to identify what properties you are eligible to purchase! We will get to know and understand your needs and will save you a lot of time, stress and wasted energy by pointing you in the right direction very quickly.

Invite our expertise to work with you in helping you identify and select a ‘bet fit’ property for your current and future needs and goals! After all we are on the ground in Australia and have an understanding of our own property industry.

Yes there are offshore representatives and offshore property seminars who tend to only offer a limited range of stock in limited areas telling you what you want to hear. On choosing to work with one of them, contact us to compare the Investment on your behalf to what else is out there! We will keep you informed throughout the progress of the development and help you at the time of final inspections. Who will you go to, so that you can ensure that the correct Rental Agency is appointed to look after your high dollar investment?


We assist in :

  • Finding best fit properties matching your requirements and investment strategy
  • Helping you with finance application
  • Introduction to solicitors to view the contract and attend settlement
  • Introduction to rental managers to rent out and look after the property for them
  • We are a One Stop Solution to help non-residents / off shore purchasers grow and secure wealth through property investment

Ongoing services and contact point for you in Australia


properT is only an email or a phone call away to meet your needs.

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