We work with you to get you into a position where you are primed and ready to own a property to live in or invest in

What this means is that we  get to know you, understand your objectives and time frame and budget!

Based on our daily market research and knowledge, when the ‘best fit’ property comes available, will you react as the 20% of our highly successful investors and make a decision based on our recommendations—if this property meets your requirements and ticks most of your investment objective boxes?

If yes, this mutually beneficial partnership will work well together and you will benefit from being able to select the ‘better’ properties before those that hum and har and fail to make a financial decision.

Our Responsibilities

We believe that a business relationship is based on a long term view of working together, according to mutual acceptable outcomes … to enhance satisfaction.

Keeping abreast of changing markets, continual information gathering and relationship building with reputable  established suppliers of property. Sharing our insider market knowledge and experience with you as and when you require it! Maintaining a close contact with you as and when your own situation and goals change.

What is in it for You

Establishing a mutually beneficial personalised relationship in helping you achieve a part of your Wealth Creation and reach some of your financial goals. Now and into the future! Does this make business sense?

What this means is that  we can work together in building up your own property portfolio, whilst developing a long term relationship. This philosophy creates a win-win-win situation for one and all and offers our investors a level of security and comfort in moving forwards.

We have a plan to ‘set you free’  where you are able to  build your investment portfolio to include a realistic and achievable amount of Investment Properties in line with your end goal.

Your responsibilities …

Establishing a working relationship with us. Let us help you help yourself grow and secure some wealth through a long and mutually beneficial partnership of properT network introducing you to astute property investment opportunities.

Set your Goals

Your primary responsibilities include : reviewing and sharing your investment strategy and goals with us, being open to receiving and returning phone calls, going over the selection of property and the supporting information we have shared with you for each property and lastly = making an Informed decision.

We  don’t mind if that decision is no or Yes, so long as you are able to make an informed decision and share with us your reasons why a no or a yes giving us further insight into what you are really wanting.

Does this sound reasonable?

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