Our Services

“Contract us to help you take our service seriously!”

We believe that a successful business relationship is based on taking a long term view that the ‘partners’ in the relationship wish to work together, according to a mutually acceptable vision … to enhance satisfaction for one and all!

People pay for a professional service and we are very comfortable charging you to do so; but would prefer to work towards a win-win for one and all.

Market Research has proven that people who pay for a service respect the providers time, skills, knowledge and professionalism.

The value we add is to deliberately save you time and stress! Time being a highly sought after commodity today and stress is recommended to be avoided at all times.

“Why would we even consider that you pay us?”

Contracting us ensures we represent you at all times and that you have invested some ‘hurt money’ and will take us seriously and return our calls and acknowledge the information we share with you in a professional manner.

Your payment is your commitment to our process! Your word encourages our resolve to provide you with an efficient and professional service now and into the future. Hence we do not charge you but prefer to work with you.

Going to market …

  1. Taking your information on board, we go to market on your behalf and perform an indepth analysis and match making process.
  2. Based on your personal requirements, a list of potentially suitable  propertunities is compiled. From this list we  narrow down the selection to the properties that tick most of your boxes.
  3. A report is then compiled  with the selected properties and  supporting documentation.

Results …

  • We present the report to you and help walk through our results and reasons for our selection. From this list we encourage your questions and where required a request for more information.
  • The options are narrowed down to 2 or 3 suitable Investment Properties from which you make your informed decision based on figures presented and outcomes required.

Our expectations of you …

  • At no time do we sell anything!  We expect our clients to make a buying decision!!

Your decision …

  • If the selection of Investment Property presented  matches your requirements, we ask you to commit to yourself and your goals?  Is that fair?
  • Life is like a Puzzle, unless we know the picture in your mind we will struggle to put the pieces together