Our Offering

Using Investment Property to plan towards reaching your Financial Planning Goals!

  1. Arrange a convenient time to meet.
  2. Your verbal commitment to the process.
  3. Complete a questionnaire to obtain a clear understanding of your current situation and your desired financial objectives.
  4. We invite you to Leverage off our Industry Knowledge and Contacts which are guaranteed to save you time and money.
  5. We go away and perform a detailed analysis on your behalf based on the information you have shared with properT
  6. On setting a follow up appointment, we present you with our report and with a selection of ‘best fit’ propertunities that will help you reach your goals.
  7. Included is supporting documentation to support you in your decision making process.
  8. Your decision. And we don’t mind if that decision is a no or a Yes! So long as you make an informed and an intelligent decision.
  9. Maintain contact with you for as long as you want the relationship to continue.
  10. At all times we strive for long and mutually beneficial relationships ensuring a positive outcome for one and all.

Having access to a wide range of Investment Property both in Sydney and Melbourne we can provide you with a wide selection of choice to match your requirements :

  • Size
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Car Park
  • Added facilities
  • No added facilities
  • Completion Date
  • Investment Budget
  • Location

... your requirements towards your Financial Strategy