Investment Property with NRAS

NRAS Investment Property benefits you in securing & creating personalwealth


Benefits of securing and creating your own wealth by investing in an Investment Property that has NRAS is :

You still get to utilise negative gearing benefits and save around $7,000 pa of income tax you would otherwise be paying away to the tax man

You receive a further Tax Credit of $10,350 this financial year (or Tax Free income if not paying this amount of Tax)

Meaning you could be saving over $17,000 of Personal Income Tax you will 100% be paying the tax man during this financial year!


NRAS investment properties work out to be Cash Flow Positive

Think about the numbers :

  1. If you invest in a $400k investment property that has NRAS included
  2. Put down $40k deposit (10%)
  3. Save around $17,000 pa in tax you would otherwise 100% pay to the tax man
  4. Earn around $100 per week, every week in Positive Cash Flow

Within just over 2 years, you would have gotten back your deposit and the tax man and your tenant continue to pay over 100% of this Investment Vehicle for you!


Please be aware :  Not all NRAS makes for a sound investment opportunity!

It is unfortunate that holders of NRAS licences have negotiated with developers to put a NRAS licence on some properties that one would never even bother to invest in.

We have access to NRAS Australia wide and will point you in the correct direction pretty quickly saving you a lot of time, money and stress in trying to go it alone



NRAS licences are fast running out though!


We are at the tail end of the current 40,000 licences issued and suddenly people are waking up to this fact.

We do suggest you familiarise yourself with the NRAS investment opportunity (or ask us to explain) and ensure that today you are financially in a position to make an informed investment decision … or be like 80% of the popluation and say I should have!

At this time there is no confirmation on the last of the 10,000 licences to be issued!

If they are issued, they will only be applied to properties that will be completed towards the end of 2015

What this means to you is that you will miss out on

  •   2 Financial Years of Tax Savings
  •   Could amount to over $36,000 Tax you would otherwise pay to the tax man
  •   2 years of Positive Cash flow from your investment
  •   Build price and land values are on the increase you will be paying more for a property coming to market in 2015 than you are paying today

This time around, waiting will be an expensive loss to you

You are sitting on an incredible opportunity …

Interest Rates at all time lows
Rental Income at all time highs
Get back your deposit from Income Tax you would have otherwise lost
Earn an ongoing Positive Cash Flow from your investment

NRAS benefits seel themselves, a no brainer you may agree!


The numbers

 On a property valued $400k

  • With a 5% rental yield
  • After your 10% deposit
  • Using a taxable income of $80,000
  • Interest only 5.5%
  • Including costs such as : management fees, rates, insurance, body corp etc
  • Including depreciation benefits


Advantage :

You would save $16,897 of income tax
Receive $128 per week Positive Cash Flow
Achieve a pre-tax return of 60.39% on your Investment

Bricks and mortar over a medium to long term has always been classed as a low risk investment profile .. but look at the benefits you could achieve

The numbers above are for demonstratoin purposes only and will vary according to your personal circumstances and other property variables


Suited to SMSF or in your Own Title

If you are considering investing in a propery in your Self Managed Super Fund, the Tax Credit one gets back of $10,350 pa (escalating by Rental CPI over the next 10 years) will dramatically improve your Return on your SMSF investment … over a property without NRAS and by a larger percentage over an older existing property

Our numbers on the above example will demonstrate a difference of over $100,000 over a 10 year period comparing an older existing property to a new Investment Property with NRAS

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