Investment Property Workshops and Seminars

“Knowledge is Wealth”

properT understand the Value of Knowledge and have helped clients just like you acquire wealth based on making an Informed Decision!

Our principle is : Educate First!

We have two types of clients :

  • Ones who what we refer to as ‘dabble’
    • Don’t really have a real goal or strategy
    • Make an emotional decision
    • Take their time to secure that ‘perfect’ investment
    • Usually close to where they live because they feel they ‘know their area’
    • Adopt a wait and see, to see how this one works out
    • Property being a 7 – 10 year investment strategy one would have to wait this long to ‘see’ how it performs
    • Then they might secure a second one …

The above does not build wealth!


OR plan to achieve Success …

  • Our Investors make investment decisions based on understanding what it is they really want out of life and how Investing in Property can achieve this for them
    • We work together on a strategy to suit their goals
    • Identify growth locations that Include the Necessary Fundamentals to ensure Capital Growth Potential + Current Strong Rental Yields … to be Cash Flow Positive
    • We then find Investment Properties that tick the right boxes to suit their strategy for them
    • They base their own due diligence on the back of our significant due diligence and market research
    • Then they make informed decisions whether that be a no or a Yes on the selection infront of them
    • After securing their first Investment Property they like themselves up for their second one
    • Our preferred Strategy to truly build Wealth is to secure 3 to 4 CASH FLOW POSITIVE investment properties in three to four years and then decide on when the 5th or 6th one could be achieved
    • Banks love lending to Investors who own Cash Flow Positive portfolios; allowing you to significantly grow your wealth to Reach Your Own Goals!

We invite you to work with us to Reach Your Goals

Click on the topics that you wish to attend and when our next regular workshop that includes your chosen title (s) comes up we will let you know!  Easy at that.

Understanding Investing in Property "One can either 'invest' or make Informed Investment decisions and put in place an Investment Strategy to effectively reach your Goals." Which would you prefer?

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