The How

We have a deliberate system designed to save you time & stress and provide you with Choice and Sufficient Information!

  • Obtain an understanding of your current situation and your desired outcomes.
  • Identifying what your investment objectives, strategies and goals are.
  • Clarifying your situation to ensure we have a clear understanding.
  • Documenting the above and presenting it back to you to ensure that we are on the right track  in understanding your current situation and desired results.
  • Undertaking market research on your behalf.
  • Taking your information on board, we go to market on your behalf and perform an indepth analysis and match making process.
  • Based on your personal requirements, a list of potentially suitable  ‘propertunities’ is compiled. From this list we  narrow down the selection to the properties that tick most of your boxes.
  • A report is then compiled  with the selected properties and  supporting documentation.
  • We present the report to you and help walk through our results and reasons for our selection. From this list we encourage your questions and where required a request for more information. On doing your own research, if it ties in with our research make an informed decision.  Are you comfortable with our process so far?

The options are narrowed down to 2 or 3 suitable Investment Properties from which you make your informed decision based on figures presented and outcomes required.

Our expectations of you.

  • At no time do we sell anything!  We expect our clients to make an informed investment decision!!
  • We do not mind if your decision is a no, so long as you share with us your reasons why to give us a clearer understanding of what you are really wanting
  • If your decision is a yes, fantastic, share with us your reasons why so we know what ticks your boxes for you


Your decision.

  • If the selection of Investment Property presented  matches your requirements, we ask you to commit to yourself and your goals?  Is that fair?


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