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Capital Growth cities in Australia

Investing in Property  requires coming to an informed decision

  • Determine your required outcome (financial goals)
  • Establish your Purpose, “your own Reason Why” you want to achieve this outcome
    • Early Retirement, Set up children, Charity, Lifestyle Choice, Create $xx of wealth to retire on etc
  • Match the Property to your required outcome
  • Remove all emotion from your decision making by undertaking research and due diligence
  • Research the location and the Fundamentals in the location which will soundly underpin and drive your Investment Vehicle
  • Understand the ‘numbers’ which underpin and drive your Investment Vehicle
  • Come to an Informed ‘business’ Decision
  • Commit to yourself and your goals

Sounds simple, well it is if you know what you are doing or co-work with us and we will mentor you and certainly save you time, stress and probably money whilst helping you come to your own informed decision

The Process

properT network will co-work with you side by side mentoring and sharing our market information, intellectual knowledge and industry contacts

After we obtain a clear understanding of your goals and requirements and your reasons ‘why’ you wish to grow and secure wealth

We go away and undertake our own research to find a selection of properties which will ‘best’ match your requirements

We will then present this selection to you supported by industry information and market research as to why these properties have been selected

On presentation to you we encourage you to undertake your own due diligence

If your research and due diligence ties in with our information share with you all we ask is that you commit to yourself and make an informed decision

We do not mind if that decision is a no or a yes; so long as you can make a decision

If it is a no, that is fine. Share with us your reasons why so that we can obtain a clearer understanding of your requirements. We may have missed something along the way

If your decision is a Yes, great, share with us your reasons why so that we understand what ticks your boxes for you in moving forwards

Commitment towards your own goals

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properT network has been deliberately set up to Educate you, understand your goals and requirements and help you come to an informed investment decision

Not all property lends itself to being an Investment Property! In fact less than 5% of property would make for a sound investment. You would want to be getting your upfront decision right … adding hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the investment onto your investment by doing so !

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