Investment Purpose


Using Investment Property to achieve Your WHY; the Purpose of your Investment Goals – “What is your outcome?” – “What do you want?”

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Without a Why, there is no personal commitment!  Without personal commitment things remain the way they are !


Long Term Goals to Achieve Life Style Choice & Financial Independence

  • Effective Retirement Planning and Financial Security
  • Generate an Ongoing Passive Income
    • Giving you Financial Freedom and Choice to stop working at a certain age
    • Work because you wish to & not have to – thanks to ongoing passive income
    • Reduce the amount of hours you work because you can now afford to
  • Financial Independence @ a time of your life you are planning for
    • Set and plan the date using Investment Property to help you reach your goal
  • Private Education for your Children or Grand Children
  • Generate and Provide an ongoing income to a needy family member as a means of ongoing financial support
  • Travel and still earn an ongoing residual income
  • Sea Change
  • Retire in a lifestyle that you are accustomed to
    • Are you aware that only 3 in 100 Australians will be able to afford retirement?
  • Provide QUALITY time for – Family, Friends, Children, Grand Children, Travel, Sport, Hobbies, Fishing etc
  • By investing now, you can insure your Children will be able to have a healthy Deposit when they wish to get into the property market (which would have doubled in price every 10 years – as per the last 120 years of property records kept in Australia)


Medium Term Goals (7 to 10 years)

  • Pay for an exotic extended overseas holiday
  • Buy the home of your dreams
  • Work out of choice
  • Take a sea change or tree change
  • Own an inner CBD apartment for weekend use
  • Pay for a child’s wedding
  • Afford to educate your children in the Private Education System
  • Help your children ensure a deposit and equity is available when they wish to get into the property market with their first home


What ever your purpose of Investing; one should take into consideration your overall profile to achieve the desired results :

  • Over what period of time
  • What level of risk
  • In which investment market
  • Your current financial position and budget
  • What type of investment medium
  • End Goal in mind

The How :

  • Will you be funding the investment 100%  or putting in a deposit ?
  • Would you prefer other people to help fund your investment ?
    • Tax efficiency – where the tax man helps pay a percentage
    • Astute – where your tenant pays a large slice on your behalf

Your Information to get the ball rolling!