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“Exceeding your expectations of us ! Our results are unbiased and we provide open and clear communications to ensure we look after you now and into the future. We are motivated by your successful Investment and referrals are a recognition that we are doing the right thing by you!”

properT is a full serviced brokerage  and advisory firm specialising in  Investment Property, predominantly Off the Plan apartments and units. Headquartered in Melbourne we are a boutique firm meeting the requirements of both Australian and International Investors and Owner Occupiers.

Our brand of service is based on Integrity, Professionalism, Knowledge,  Expertise and a full understanding of the fact that we represent You!

We provide a comprehensive Real Estate solution for Investors looking for a strategy to achieve their goals.

Our experience is based on a consultative approach of obtaining an understanding of your current and future objectives. We walk you through our process  to where you will comfortably be able to make an informed decision.

And we do not mind if that decision is a no or a Yes … so long as you are able to make one!

Is that fair?

We are flexible and creative in our approach which results in a high level of Investor satisfaction and quality referrals to other people you know  looking for the same  approach and outcomes.

“The fact that you’ve come here today means you’ll be able to make whatever financial changes you want in your life.”

“You’ve decided to engage me as your property broker, which means you’ll be able to achieve your goals enjoyably.”

Working with You!

Working with You!