Investment Grade Property Australia wide …

Thinking of Investing in a new property or established built property?

Apartments, House and Land, Units, Townhouses, Villas, Off the Plan, Development Sites, Fix up and Flip … what is your preferred strategy

“What don’t you know that you don’t know?!?”

properT network match your Investment needs and requirements to a selection of ‘best fit’ investment properties suited to your Investment Goals and requirements saving you time, stress and money in doing so!

Saving you Time and Stress by providing you with the opportunity to utilise our vast in indepth Market Knowledge, Skills and Industry Contacts!

Our passion is in helping you reach your own Financial Independence and our commitment is in assisting you in creating and maintaining your wealth! And of course we love property!

Your success in building and establishing your personal wealth is our mission and very little else gives us so much pleasure.

When we really understand you and your goals and your purpose why you have this burning desire to deliberately control the destiny of your directional wealth … we then give you access to a wide selection of  ‘best fit’ Property Australia wide

properT network have no properties for sale; we provide you with access and contacts in the property market you wish us to focus on


How do we work and how do our clients benefit you may ask?

Representing and working with you and your mentors, it is important to us and you that we obtain a clear and concise understanding of your current situation; your desired Investment objective and any property aspirations; including an understanding of your future Financial goals and strategies.

Based on our ongoing research, we are able to go to the market and source a selection of ‘best fit’ propertunities matching your requirements. Providing you with  choice and sufficient market and industry reports and information on which you can make an informed decision.

We do this to save you time, stress and money!

Does this make sense?

Results …

Our results are unbiased and provide open and clear communications to ensure we look after you now and into the future. We are motivated and thrive on your success and the referrals we receive as a direct result of exceeding your expectations of us.

You will soon see that we are results driven and highly focused on professionally servicing you . Hey after all without you, who are we?

Behind the scenes …

We  understand and respect the fact  that astute Investors make a Financial Decision based on market fundamentals, the facts and how the figures we present soundly underpin your investment

We undertake the research on your behalf, effectively utilising our indepth market based knowledge and well established industry contacts to come up with a narrowed list of suitable Investment Grade Properties and supporting information as to why these properties could best fit your requirements

Our ongoing research, experience and market knowledge is deliberately shared with you to allow you make an intelligent and informed decision, thereby saving you time, stress and saving you money.

properT network have the privilege of time and knowledge on our side, a commodity most people do not have … engage us as your property mentors and make use of what we have to offer you! It is there  for the taking!

Our clients have told us “We are the real deal!” and we ask you to ensure that we continue to be, by openly communicating with us through the process

The best compliment we can receive is a Referral onto other people you know and wish to assist!

Helping investors identify & acquire performing investment properties … in line with your own personal investment objectives and strategies of growing and maintaining your personal wealth on your journey to financial freedom and life choices

Whether you are just beginning or an experienced investor you might want talk to us. Why you may ask?

“Because we are independent, on your side and represent, mentor and work for you!”

Having national coverage and an independent network of solicitors, accountants and industry consultants ensures you get professional and impartial advice in your favor throughout the process.

With access to literally thousands of properties, we provide you with a selection of ‘best fit’ properties in line with your requirements now and into the future.

These recommended properties have all been highly researched and identified as Investment Grade Opportunities that will fit in with your objectives.

Providing you with sufficient information to make an informed decision which we walk you through is our primary outcome. All we ask of you is to make an informed and calculated  decision, whether that decision is a no or a Yes … so long as you can make one.

Does this sound fair?

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2019 is the year to secure an Investment Property in Melbourne and certain pockets of Victoria