House and Land Packages Adelaide

House and Land Packages Adelaide

Investment Property Adelaide

Why Adelaide :

Adelaide is the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, with Adelaide being the Tortoise! Adelaide looks set to enjoy a run on capital growth during 2019 and 2020; however this growth would be enjoyed closer into the CBD and not further out where land is in abundance and affordability is attracting buyers to buy or rent out there. Please be mindful when looking at Adelaide from an investment opportunity and focus on suburbs with low unemployment and a stronger socio-demographic.

Adelaide will always be there for you and help you reach your some of your goals (historically more slowly) by continuing to achieve steady growth and avoid the booms and busts most other capital cities seem to go through periodically.

“Affordability, investment opportunity and lifestyle location will always be the key drivers for sales. When affordability is right, the market remains confident and optimistic and sales and growth reflect that market sentiment” Mr Roenfeldt (REISA President) said.

“It just goes to show that people are willing to pay good dollar for premium properties that are accurately and realistically priced. Adelaide is truly a wonderful place to live and invest in. Our lifestyle, affordability and commitment to major development and infrastructure will always make us a consistent player in the real estate market.

Adelaide experienced a -7.47% drop over the past 12 months and on average maintains a 2.22% growth over the long term, currently being buoyed with a turn around on more expensive properties which are increasingly under demand driving their values higher taking the median price further up. However other locations remain in negative growth or rather flat in performance, especially on the back of high supply.

Adelaide with a very high percent of residents between the ages of 20 and 34 continues to evolve as a growth city offering investors opportunities in the areas to satisfy the emerging demand for dwellings to accommodate this sector of the Adelaide population.

Adelaide is home to a 1 billion defense contract, is one of only 2 ports in the world that have the ability to dry dock an aircraft carrier! The other being Hawaii, and what this means to Adelaide is consistent opportunity to provide much-needed services to very large ships in the Pacific Rim.

Adelaide is also home to the worlds largest open-pit mine! Producing billions of dollars in revenue to Adelaide and is one of Adelaide’s best kept secrets. What this means to investors is a very strong local economy and ongoing employment opportunity between the mining, the defense, farming, vineyards, wine production and tourism!

Public transport and road infrastructure make outer suburbs within easy reach of the CBD. Traffic continues to be light or moderate keeping travel time down to a minimum.

Rental returns in Adelaide continue to achieve 4.5% to 5% depending on location and type of dwelling.

With a 3 bedroom home starting in the early $300,000 Adelaide offers Lifestyle at an affordable price and a fantastic opportunity for an investor who simply cannot afford risk in their profile or who has a budget that in no ways can afford even a one bedroom in Sydney or Melbourne!

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Suburbs :

Aberdeen Park,     Aldinga Beach,      Andrews Farm,     Clearview,       Flagstaff Hill,       Goolwa,      Littlehampton,      Mount Barka,     Munno Para,      Murray Bridge,      Nairne,      Oacklands Park,      Paradise,      Sturt,      Victor Harbour

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