History teaches us …

“Why do 20% of the population ensure that their families and their next generations will be financially set up and make the investment decisions which improve their own financial well being?

Why do 80% of people always look for reasons not to take action to make a difference knowing full well that they will never be able to afford to retire or help out their next generation alter the course of their financial futures?

Wealthy people are consciously adverse to fear of failure, actually they are not they are confident in their own success and choose to think differently and always take action by making informed decisions to make a positive difference.

Whilst the top 30% of the 80%’ters have every opportunity and the financial means to make a financial difference would rather bury their head in the sand (to avoid looking into the outcome of their future) and look for every reason not to alter the course of their lives!

I thrive and love helping people, it is my passion and gets me up every morning knowing I can help make a difference to someones life today. But for the life of me (and “I have been studying human behavior for many many years.”) I am unable to fathom why those that have the same abilities, intelligence & opportunity as astute people who invest (the 20%’ters) and actively make decision on how to “fill up the other half of their cups” … these individuals will look for every reason why not to commit to themselves!

When I get to learn how I can assist in changing the self talk of this segment of our population I would fulfill another lifelong dream and goal of mine.

Ask yourself : “With all the literature, courses, mentors, examples and history available to me – why do I turn to an ill informed journalist for advice? And knowing full well I will not have enough $’s to achieve the life I want and deserve, after the 45 or so years I have been working? What have I gotten out of the 45 years?”

Unfortunately, the answer lies in “people tend to ask the very people they know who will give them the answers which they want to hear, for advice!” It is challenging to step out of our comfort zones.

Oh it’s so easy to do so and thus make a financial difference forever, but nope we prefer to seek the answers we want to hear so that we don’t have to leave our comfort zone … even whilst we are aware that at this rate we are never going to be able to retire (but she’ll be alright mate!)

What has History taught us, hindsight is a fantastic tool :

Let’s go back to the early 90’s where during these times people were warned about a property crash on numerous occasions, through to 2019 including;

In the early nineties interest rates peaked at around 18% and the markets crashed, everyone said it was the end of Australian property wealth and it would all be downhill from there. They forgot to look forwards and those that jumped into the market ignoring negative naysayers earned significant returns on their investments.

During the year 2000 the media espoused incredible negativity and how GST would negatively impact property prices destroying the property market. Once again history proved their predictions totally incorrect.

Moving to 2004 when interest rates peaked the Sydney and Melbourne markets stalled and once again the media jumped on the band wagon as did other ‘property experts’ depicting a total stall in price growth. Since then where did these and other capital city markets grow to?

When GFC hit the world in 2008 all doom and gloom was predicted by the same expertise and media stating how property markets in Australia will crash but of course once again this did not eventuate. In fact the overall majority of property either held firm or continued to grow in value. This was the major GFC event yet property held it’s own whilst the stock market and super funds lost fortunes and still have not fully recovered .

Moving to the years 2010, 2011 and 2012 the RBA increased interest rates to deliberately slow down the property boom of that time and markets corrected until rates were lowered again.

Following on the next major property cycle took shape into where we are at today with property values (primarily in Sydney and Melbourne) ran too hot, too quickly and once again with interference by the RBA, APPRA and a tightening of credit the market has corrected in Melbourne and Sydney whilst still growing in outer Sydney, outer Melbourne and Victoria, Hobart, Canberra, South East Queensland. Yes whilst the media once again are filling your heads with doom and gloom about the property markets there are hundreds of postal codes still growing in value.

Investors are still generating positive returns on their investments whilst the 80%’trs are hoping that the market crashes to prove to themselves that they are right by not investing!

So my question to you is : “how can I help you create successful habits and thinking in order to work with you so that you may positively alter the financial course of your life for you, your families and your next generations?”

History is there to teach us lessons, the media keep getting it wrong to sell advertising space by creating false fears. Australia by design is growing it’s population and there is a very limited supply of dwellings to own or rent. The Australian Economy continues to perform by just over 3% pa, very low unemployment, massive investment into infrastructure by government and industry creating new jobs now and well into the future …

Look to the future and history will prove to you that in 10, 20 or 30 years time people will look back and say “I should have!” whilst some will say I am so glad I undertook my research and made an informed decision to Invest in Australia because the fundamentals which underpinned my investment decision were extremely sound.

“Investing is not rocket science and not all properties are Investment Grade, getting it right from the outset requires education and research or choosing to work with a professional organisation who will help save you time, stress and money in changing the financial course of your life, your families lives and the lives of generations to come!”

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