Grow your business by helping others acquire and generate wealth!

People you and I know invest in Property to increase their wealth & their lot in life, to ‘take effective control’ over their own financial destiny … I am sure you would agree?

You and I have the opportunity of helping them do so!

You provide the referral and write the loan and I will demonstrate the how.

We both know that doing a preapproval coste you time and money, and if your client goes out on the weekend and buys a property they tend to pop into their local bank saying “hey I have a preapproval and need a loan for a property I just bought” and boom you lose the client.

We get to know your client, understand their goals and investment objectives as this is very important to our process in saving them time, stress and money coming to an informed purchase decision.

After consultation, we provide a selection of ‘best fit propertunities’ and help walk your valued referral through the process.

Together we are at the forefront of assisting your clients and prospects achieve their own personal financial goals of securing and maintaining wealth and lifestyle choice!


The Purpose of the communication is to open up opportunity to not only grow your own business or  practice significantly; it is also to help you help your clients. Like most people,I to love helping people grow … this way I grow too.

The Process we follow is very much on a personal level based on Referrals. We understand that we represent you and your brand at all times and thus continue to provide personalised professionalism at all times. Ensuring ongoing communications to both yourself and your referral is essential to positive outcomes.

The Benefit is obvious!  Financially all of us have the opportunity of increasing our wealth through a deliberate and well thought out business strategy and financial plan. Your clients, yourself and us.

Aiming to exceed your expectations of us.


Marketing experts tell us that “To maintain a successful relationship with your existing clients and prospects one has to differentiate services and add value to your offering.”  We are confident you agree with this business approach?

This has resulted with Accountants, Property Managers, Mortgage Brokers and Buyers Advocates, personal and business coaches providing a deliberate strategy of demonstrating to clients new opportunities and to help your clients and prospects plan ahead.

What do I mean by this?

You have the ability & opportunity to introduce and help implement financial strategies for and on behalf of your clients. You can help them make educated financial decisions of growing their own personal financial wealth through investing in property by referring them to us. Each new investment is another potential increase in your turnover for you and who knows how many resultant referrals you will receive. (… why properT network)

Would you enjoy the opportunity of generating increased turnover?

We can demonstrate to your clients the of tax savings and other investment strategies… resulting in effective investment structuring. We demonstrate how to use pre-tax income and an equity based investment to help them achieve their own financial goals.

Obtaining an overall understanding of your client’s current and desired financial situation will provide a platform for you to market further opportunities to existing clients and prospects.

Pro-active consultation opposed to reactive reaction!

You may be aware that “Investment Property” is an extremely hot topic today and will continue to be so into the future; due to the unusually high demand for dwellings and the incredible under supply of suitable property …  currently sitting at around 80 000 nationally. (… property Fundamentals)

For investors, we are experiencing a once in a life time opportunity to successfully build an investment portfolio; for you it is an opportunity to help your clients reach their own financial goals. A portfolio that will be in the families hands for generations to come securing a lifestyle choice.

Your clients have many reasons to increase wealth, if you can establish some of them and link the idea of investing in property to these reasons … your clients will be your clients forever. We are not advocating becoming financial planners, we are simply moving with market trends and inviting you to initiate discussion with your clients and prospects. Ask them about their financial planning strategy and talk about what other investors in the market are doing and achieving. (… reasons)

Did you know that Property doubles in value every 7 to 9 years and that rental income is also on the rise?  Resulting in minimised negative gearing and also improved capital appreciation & equity within the property portfolio.

What to do with this improved equity … it is an opportunity to visit your client and talk about what everyone else is talking about – ‘the strategy of investing in property and utilising existing equity in their current homes / investment properties to do so effectively.’

If you are not doing this, you can be assured that another entrepeneur is! So why not it be you, where you secure the business and retain the client? It is going to be you or your opposition!

Leverage off our industry knowledge, contacts and skills and your own knowledge & skills to maximise your client’s potential to help them achieve their desired outcomes. We demonstrate how between the tax man and the tenant, one can have around 80% of their investment property funded on their behalves!

What this means to you and your clients is that “There is every opportunity available to own an asset of close to Half a Million Dollars and only contribute around 20% for the privilege!!!

(each personal circumstance and property will affect this figure)

Now not only do you get to revisit your existing client and prospect data base to further cement your relationship with them … you also have the added opportunity to generate further income on the successful conclusion of a signed contract of sale! Double Whammy of new business plus healthy referral fees !!

“Would you agree that a fair percentage of your clients are going to buy an investment property now or in the near future?”

Statistics demonstrate that one in 3 mortgage holders are planning to purchase another property within the next 12 months … if they purchase on the open market, you will probably get nothing off the purchase and might not even get a shot at the loan, because you are not at the right place at the right time!

However if they purchase through us because of your referral, you will be notified of the Investment and Remunerated accordingly!

As my youngest daughter often reminds me, “It is not rocket science dad.”

We are looking forward to establishing a long term mutually beneficial ‘partnership’ with you now and into the future. We subscribe to a win-win-win work ethic where your client makes an informed and educated decision; you get remunerated for the referral and also get to grow your existing relatoinship with your clients (plus new referrals referred to you because you have gone the extra mile) and we grow as a company at the same time. How good is that?

“Using Investment Property as a financial instrument to help clients achieve their Financial Goals!”
  • Matching your client’s needs and requirements to a selection of ‘best fit’ properties
  • providing supporting information and walking your clients through the process
  • We do ask for a decision and do not mind if that decision is a no or a yes, so long as an intelligent informed decision is reached!”

p.s.  we do not own the property we are marketing; we are property brokers representing you and your client. Oh, what is more there is no fee for our service!

Being a BOUTIQUE brokerage service … properT network is looking to establish long term, mutually beneficial relationships, with like minded Mortgage Brokers … ensuring you and your referrals of our prompt& personal attention at all times!

Contact properT network today

It is in your hands!

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