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Our Investors realise that Investing in Property is a major decision!

If I were to invest around half a million dollars, I would want to ensure that I am making an informed decision!”

If you are in the same boat, and you wish to take this as seriously as we do, you would want to complete the questionnaire below …. removing as many obstacles and risks from your decision.

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Our process is Deliberate and designed to work with you

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  • complete the questions on the understanding that what you share with us is private and confidential at all times
  • on the understanding that the more information you share with us … the better the results will be in helping you reach your own financial planning goals or finding your ideal property you are searching for
  • we will undergo a detailed analysis of the information provided in order to better understand what your preferred requirements are
  • then come back to you with properties to ‘best fit’ plus supporting documentation backing up the selection of propertunities presented to you. Select and click o Owner Occupier or Investor link above