Create your financial independence growing your own Investment Property portfolio

One Investment Property is great, what if you have the ability to build up to 7 or more properties in your portfolio?

How will this Positively Change your Life and your next and next generations lives forever!

They Why and our Process

Our recommended First Step which is so important to us and you is getting to know you, understanding where you are in life now; working out where you want to get to financially and what do your life goals look like to you?

When we know you and understand what your purpose and your why is, we can then help set a strategy in place which will be your own bridge designed to help you on your way to achieving some of these goals

It is at this time you become committed to your own goals and the process. Without your personal commitment you will enhance your frustration and be wasting your time and our time

After which we source and match ‘best fit’ property options to suit your investment strategy and preferred outcomes

We will also provide you with market and industry reports to substantiate why these properties and why these locations

You then undergo your own due diligence to ensure we are on the right track in matching an astute selection of properties which meet with your investment requirements

When you have all the info on hand and have undertaken your due diligence we ask that you come to an informed decision. On the basis of having agreed to be committed to the process and us being fully committed to helping you achieve your goals you are prepared to make a decision; whether that decision is a no or a yes. Is that fair?

On making this decision, we don’t mind if it is a no. All we ask is that you share with us your reasons why not; this would mean we have missed some vital information in understanding you and your preferences along the way and this is important to the process

If your decision is a yes, fantastic. Share with us your reasons why yes so that we fully understand what ticks your boxes for the next one


If you already own a property in which you live and you do not have a deposit on hand for your investment you may want to utilise the existing Equity in this property as your deposit to secure your investment

Making use of the principle of Leverage;  using the banks money to leverage into your investment. Where else can you invest say only 10% yet achieve capital on 100% of the asset? Meaning your asset is now working hard and smart for you!

On looking to further your investment property journey we now that the banks prefer lending money to Investors who accumulate Equity within their portfolios and where you own a Cash Flow Positive Investment portfolio over a portfolio of properties which require cash outflow

With the tremendous shortage of Property, the tax man continues to incentivise expenses generated in your Investment Property Portfolio . These expenses are Tax Deductible against all your income. Investment grade property could save you around $7,000 of tax per annum, tax that if you don’t divert to yourself you merely pay away to the taxman. We have found that astute investors tend to get back the initial deposit they put down after about 7 years into the investment just in the tax they saved. How good is that!

Your tenant will be helping you towards your own retirement goals by paying you rent. Investment grade property attracts a higher rent meaning a significant amount of rental income over the life of your investment to you

The opportunity in securing a ‘best fit’ property which is investment grade to you could mean that between the Tax Man and the tenant your investment is totally funded and you may even be cash flow positive with Dollars coming into your pocket every week

  • The Power of Property

Property over a 7 – 10 year period is accepted as a low risk investment profile, yet outperforms other investment vehicles of similar risk profiles thanks to the powerful combination of Leverage, Rental Income, Tax Deductions and Capital Growth

Why do successful families globally all own property portfolios? The answer is simple – they are astute investors who follow an investment strategy using investment grade property to acquire wealth. A strategy that is readily available to you! Successful people also surround themselves with professionals who work with them to save them time, stress and money in coming to an informed decision

Investing in Investment Grade property has the potential to significantly accelerate your financial planning goals and when compared to other investment vehicles of the same risk profile, property wins hands down. Possibly never in any of our life times has an Opportunity presented itself to secure personal wealth through property as it is presenting itself now and into the foreseeable future. All you have to do is have a need and a desire to take this advantage!


But it all starts with the first or your next one … are you ready?   Get the ball rolling … moreIt is in your hands!

How to Build an Investment Property Portfolio you can Retire On !

4 Properties in 10 years

10 Properties in 10 years

“Most people are wanting to create their own financial independence, create other streams of income, get off the ‘hamster wheel of life’, establish generational wealth and or leave a legacy!  Which are you fighting for?”