Decision time for Baby Boomers downsizing

Downsizing the home … this is your Opportunity!


Baby Boomers Downsizing


“Downsizing your home should be an Upgrade to your Life !”

As a ‘Baby Boomer’ heading towards retirement are you considering downsizing your current homes into more manageable dwelling which is :

  • new and energy efficient
  • easy to manage and keep with low maintenance
  • secure to lock up and travel
  • in locations in which you wish to retire
  • securing a smaller allotment as a trade-off for being closer to lifestyle services and facilities you want to be near


“Is your Current homes are too big, do you have extra unused rooms, do your gardens require ongoing upkeep,

is your older homes requiring ongoing expensive maintenance and repairs placing huge financial constraints

on you the home owner, and also time constraints just when you are wanting to slow down?”

The opportunities for you to downsize include maximising the Financial Potential of your current property :

  •  … by either
    • Selling off your backyard, keeping your home
    • Developing your backyard with you into a new & smaller dwelling, whilst working with us to renovate or develop what was the original home
      • and rent it out for extra income
      • or sell it off for capital profits needed to retire in the lifestyle you want and deserve
    • Working with us to develop your whole property; we will maximise the value of your land which in turn will give you more funds for your retirement
    • If you prefer to remain where you are used to living, you could downsize into a brand new dwelling on your existing property whilst we develop the balance of the property together
      • This option provides you with continuity of links with your neighbours, friends, local shops, doctors, favorite eating venues etc
    • OR develop and sell to maximise your retirement potential whilst we help you find a new Unit, Terrace, Town House or new Home to purchase to live in


The other option is simply selling it through your local estate agent who will charge you a marketing fee to go to auction and at least 2% of the sale price for the privilege thus walking away with less retirement dollars than you deserve to have in your pocket. OR work with us to Manufacture Equity and you retire with more in your pocket?


“As a Baby Boomer, are you beginning to realise that using your existing property for development purposes puts a lot more money in your pocket, when downsizing, compared to using the local agent to sell it for you? By selling and downsizing, one often finds that the new property could cost close to two thirds or more of your existing property, leaving you not much ‘change’ for your retirement planning. Does it?”

What we find is that most of our clients do not have

  • The industry knowledge or know how in which to maximise the potential of their existing ‘land’
  • Not sure how to apply to council for permits
  • Are paying builders and architects too much
  • The time, expertise or knowledge to take on such a large project themselves
  • Or do not have the funds to manage the cash flow required whilst developing

Is this you?

If yes, “This is where we come in, sit down with you to work a ‘Solution’ that meets your needs together as a team.”


What benefits does downsizing give you :

  • Ability to choose to live where you want to live
  • Own a lock up and go property that meets your preferred lifestyle
  • Giving you the ability to maintain an active lifestyle
  • Living in proximity to your required infrastructure, community and public transport
  • The ability to own a low-maintenance dwelling that will provide you with a healthy lifestyle
  • Include features in your new home that you have always wanted
  • Lower maintenance costs and build warranties means more in your pocket to live on


We are living Longer!

Your life is about achieving balance, where you can continue to live the way you choose to and deserve to live. Our role is to ensure we provide you with this balance by working with you in helping you maximise the real value of your home; whilst you are planning to downsize into a home you want to live in that suits your chosen Lifestyle

Invite us in, we will work with you to come up with creative property solutions.

We then manage the process to ensure you receive more than the current market value of your property.

The benefit to you is that you will be financially better off than if you sold through your local agent.

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