Why Queensland

South East Queensland | Your Opportunity

With the largest spend and investment into Infrastructure in the history of Australia occurring on the ground now and planned for well into the future; South East Queensland is where you want to be investing !

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Below are links to short videos and below that links to Reports that Substantiate the true nature and opportunity of the Resources Boom in Queensland


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What we search for :

  • New properties
  • In Growth locations
    • Opportunity for Capital Growth
  • In which owner occupiers are the predominant group
    • Resulting in stronger rental yields, means more money in your pocket
  • With sound fundamentals underpinning the location and type of dwelling
    • Public Transport, Shopping, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Entertainment, Lifestyle Choice etc


Fundamentals Explained

Invest where market fundamentals are strong soundly underpinning your investment :

  • Government Invest and Spend on new infrastructure now and budgeted for and committed to in the future
  • Attracting Industry into the area who invest and spend
  • Both government and industry want a Return on their Investment
  • And both create provide new Jobs
  • Which attracts population growth looking for employment opportunity
  • Population growth in turn thus puts pressure on supply of property in that location
  • This pressure then increases property value and also rental yields based on the principal of supply and demand
  • Meaning that the government and industry spend results in prices of property to rise giving you a return on your investment


Power of Market Fundamentals

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