Why Off Plan?

The benefits of purchasing Off Plan Developments include :

    • Buying at today’s pricing. Developers price at fair market value to sell today!
      Off the Plan Investment Property

      Off Plan Investment Property

    • Opportunity to get into the Market today! You are only required to put down a 10% deposit today to secure your Investment.

    • Balance only due on completion when your finances in all likelihood have improved.

    • Huge Stamp Duty Savings … the earlier one invests, the larger the stamp duty savings! Massive savings compared to existing property.

    • Builders Guarantees and Warranties apply to the construction and fittings.

    • You know exactly what you are getting and the condition of the property being brand new.

    • Getting a foot into the Market as an investor today at a level that meets your budget. Not forced to raise your costs as you would be at an Auction!

    • Tax savings are highly realistic with Off the Plan property in terms of Interest Repayments, other expenses and of course Depreciation.

    • The 10% deposit can be in the form of money or today most developers accept Bank Guarantees

Compared to existing Property?

    1. Can never be sure of true condition of your purchase and what further capital will be required to cover existing and ongoing maintenance?

    1. If you only can afford the 10% deposit, and not the ongoing Mortgage Repayments today, you will not be able to get into the market now.

    1. Purchasers going to Auctions must first go through the arduous and tedious task of attending Open for Inspections.

    1. Try to perform a due diligence on each property seen.

    1. Then attend the stressful Auctions that are geared to ensure best price on the day for the vendor.

    1. Only to loose their bid to a more emotional purchaser who previously had a budget for a house or unit and now unfortunately has been priced out of these and is in the market for an apartment!

    1. Auctions play on the emotions not the Logic and Finances.

    1. Auctions are highly suited to the vendor.

    1. Existing property on the traditional open market  today primarily suits someone looking to take ownership now and needs a place to live in themselves.

  1. Traditional real estate does have it’s place in the market but does not suit every purchaser.

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