Why Invest in Melbourne?

Why Invest in Melbourne?

Victorian Government wish to grow our population to 7.7 million more people by 2051 !

Requiring around 1.9 000 000 new dwellings. 900,000 in inner Melbourne and 600,000 in new areas.

Melbourne is being planned to outgrow Sydney.

Current under supply of dwellings exceeds 30 000 and growing.

Expected to exceed over 100 000 in the year 2030.

Capital Growth has been exceptionally high compared to most other capital cities and continues to perform well.

Record low vacancy rates approximately 2%.

Higher rental yields moving up towards 5%, increased by an incredible 12.7% over the past 12 months.

Over 1750 new migrants and immigrants coming into Melbourne per week. Melbourne remains the Immigration Capital of Australia receiving 90,000 new immigrants in 2013.

Melbourne apartments increased in value by just under 18% during the 2009 year.

Victoria has a robust and growing economy.

Melbourne offers huge stamp duty savings by purchasing Off the Plan property which will save you thousands of dollars.

Infrastructure closer to the CBD is far more developed.

Time being one of the most sought after commodities in our society today is highly valuable to us, hence minimising the time we spend commuting is highly important. Hence 65% of Melbourne Population choose to live in the inner suburbs.

Most people prefer to live closer to work and if they cannot afford to buy there they will rent in these suburbs.

Whatever your investment priority in life, Melbourne has a solution to match.

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