The Right Place @ the Right Time

Melbourne planned to be Australia’s biggest city by 2051 with 10 Million Residents !

 … requiring 2 200,000 new dwellings

Worlds most livable city !!

… not in our life time have we been so well placed at the forefront of investment Opportunity.” 

Melbourne continues to dominate population growth in Australia for the 15th year in a row, adding more residents than any other city, surpassing 5 Million overtaking Sydney in the coming years, with its booming economy and the creation of thousands of new jobs now and going forwards. Achieving an increase of 113 000 in 2019.

Your Opportunity to grow & secure your wealth is well supported by :

  • Population growth to 10 million Melbournians
  • 2.2 million new dwellings required to cater for the increased demand
  • 1 100,000 of these dwellings in already established areas
  • 900,000 in growth areas
  • 300,000 new jobs expected to be created in the central city
  • New roads
  • New tunnel
  • New airport
  • New rail lines and rail tunnels
  • New Suburbs
  • Massive Infrastructure Spend

Victoria Planning Authority release vision for Arden, new masterplanned suburb in North Melbourne to house up to 30,000 new residents and create thousands of new jobs. The face of Melbourne has changed forever and continues to grow in exciting development is your opportunity to Invest

  • Melbourne’s property market continues to surge, median value breaking $713,000 for the first time ever.
  • 16 Suburbs joined the $1mil median price bracket taking it to 78 suburbs in the $1m bracket
  • Melbourne experienced a resounding capital growth over the past 20 years and still today the outer suburbs continue to strengthen in value whilst the more expensive inner suburbs corrected

The phrase “When all your stars are aligned …” is a figure of speech telling you that everything in your life is at the right place at the right time and you should take advantage of the situation!

“No wonder Australians love property!”

YOUR OPPORTUNITY : Melbourne has the Highest Population Growth  (95,500 or 10.5% last year) in Australia, placing a massive demand on property to own or rent. With the majority of Melbournians wanting to live in the inner suburbs of Melbourne (8 – 12km radius of CBD) there is renewed pressure on property supply.

PLAN MELBOURNE 2051 is the governments focus on Infrastructure to meet planned for growth over the next 30 years where the Population of Melbourne

Government plan to spend $27Billion Dollars to do this and expect a return on their investment by instructing local councils to play ball and approve projects that will certainly create employment, bring in more people to fill these jobs and improve the economy of Victoria

 Victoria in the Future here

Did you know that most people in Melbourne can afford to buy or rent a property in the price range of $350,000 to $650,000 and the pressure on supply of property to meet this demand is at an all time high. Building approvals are lower than in previous years causing the gap between supply and demand to increase. Melbourne has already grown by over 7% during 2013 and with further population growth there could be continued upward pressure on pricing and also increased rent.

Well, take a look at the Fundamentals of Investing in Property in Melbourne today. You will notice that all the Melbourne Stars are lined up for you to take advantage of!!

Melbourne is an ageing population and our government does not have the resources to look after you now nor into your retirement. And with only 3 out of every 100 workers / self employed being able to retire on around $1000 per month … if you do not take your financial planning seriously today then you will be a statistic of the other 97 people who are below the poverty line and unable to come out financially when you want to retire.

 Melbourne has achieved a 9.53% Capital Growth average year on year since 1966 !!

  • Over last 5 years Melbourne has had a 19% increase in overall prices and over last 10 years 44%
  • Median unit prices in Melbourne increased 9.8% over the last 12 months
    • Median House price $650,000 Sept 2014 and now $730,000
    • Median Unit price $501,000
  • Supply of dwellings struggling to keep up with demand based on
    • Population Growth, affordability due to increased median of homes being $650k, baby boomers downsizing, first home owners affordability
  • As at June 2018, gross rental yields are on average 3.2% for houses and 4% for apartments

Fundamentals that underpin the success of Capital Growth and Increased Rental Yields include :

  • Government Investment
  • Industry Investment
  • Job Creation
  • Population Growth
  • Demand
  • Low Supply

Melbourne continues to evolve and certainly ticks all of these required boxes!

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Source : ABS, REIV, Age Newspaper, Vic Govt web site