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Seldom in one’s lifetime does an opportunity such as a $96 Billion Dollar infrastructure investment come to a region ensuring that the value of that town’s property will achieve extensive Capital Growth and healthy Rental Income’s

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GLADSTONE has 10 industries – ensuring that the economy of Gladstone remains the Number 1 regional city for property investment being a strong and strengthening region. The town of Gladstone will more than double in current size making Gladstone a city. It has been planned that Gladstone construct another 9,000 dwellings over the next 10 years to meet current and growing demand for housing and rental accommodation.

Major industries within the Gladstone Region include:

  • Queensland Alumina Refinery – one of the largest in the world
  • Boyne Smelter Limited – Australians’ largest aluminum smelter
  • Rio Tinto Alcan refinery
  • Cement Australia – the largest manufacturer and distributor of cement in Australia
  • Orica – One of the largest producers of sodium cyanide in Australia and the third largest in the world
  • Queensland Energy Resources Limited – Stuart Oils Shale Project
  • A plethora of major Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) developments, including Santos, British Gas/QCL, Arrow Energy, Southern Cross LNG, Australian Pacific LNG, Sun LNG and LNG Ltd
  • Port of Gladstone – Queensland’s largest multi-commodity port
  • NRG Power Station – Queensland’s largest and TruEnergy’s power station announced late in 2011
  • Wiggins Island Coal Terminal
  • Gladstone Pacific Nickel Ltd.

If one includes the improvement in infrastructure such as Roads, Rail, Shipping, Airport, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Retail Stores etc, Gladstone will become a main central hub for the Surat Basin

Read up on   Gladstone-PropertyInvestmentOverview-1Feb12 s  Gladstone CSG_LNG Research Report &  Gladstone Non-Gas Research Report (large files – request by email here)

15 Infrastructure Projects totaling $96 Billion Dollars beginning in 2012!

15-infrastructure-projects-totalling  $66-billion

Underpinned by the Coal Seem Gas – Liquified Natural Gas Industry

The Gladstone region is one of Queensland’s economic ‘power houses’ and has been identified as the centre for Queensland’s burgeoning CSG-LNG industry. The vast scale of emerging LNG projects in Gladstone is already generating economic impacts across Queensland.

In Gladstone itself, the outcomes are considerable – from front-end engineering plans to actual construction of LNG production trains, with economic benefits flowing to the region as a whole. The CSG-LNG projects are also generating major requirements for residential accommodation in the city.

The recent announcement by Devine Ltd regarding the unveiling of plans for a new $1.4 billion masterplanned community in the rapidly growing central Queensland city of Gladstone has investors sitting up and taking note!

Current population figures in Gladstone as at June 2010 = 60,316
Expected population growth by the year 2016 = 70,959 to 77,626 residents
Expected population growth by the year 2031 = 93,565 – 123,420 residents

Gladstone Expected Populatoin Growth





Current shortfall of suitable dwellings is in excess of current population growth with new projects alleviating some of this pain. The forecast of this construction will be over the next 12 years providing ongoing employment opportunity for the region.

Employment Opportunities in the area has already outstripped supply with tens of thousands of jobs emanating out of the $96 Billion Infrastructure spend. This is an ongoing trend into the foreseeable future as more projects come online.

New Infrastructure includes : Public and Private Hospital, Education Campus (Tafe and Uni), schools, mixed use commercial and industrial sites, expansion of retail shops, shopping mall, schools, newly established local parks and open-air stages for local events and one of Australia’s busiest ports!

Gladstone offers a variety of Lifestyle Choices – coastal enclaves, rural townships, gorgeous beaches, fishing, tourism, sports, choice of either country of city life making Gladstone and energetic and fast growing sought after regional city.

The Queensland government estimate that the LNG industry will generate around 18,000 new jobs and add around $850 million per year to the economy for at least the next 10 years. The promise of Thousands of construction jobs is just the start of a wave of economic impacts and associated supply / demand imbalances.

The first and major impact is the dire shortage of Housing!

Tourism and Farming continue to underpin economic growth in Gladstone but the LNG projects will take Gladstone into the next phase.

New infrastructure highlights include improved Road and Rail plus Boat and Coach services, to cater for the increased population and movement of supplies for both construction and growth purposes. The Gladstone Airports makes the region easily accessible by air to and from the region.

Recent and anticipated population growth is testament to the continuing opportunities that the Gladstone Region presents as a location of choice in wich to work, live and Invest.

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